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Attention Customers! We do our best to keep prices low and to have the highest quality items. We are currently doing a price review for 2018. With the increase in shipping costs, material, and labor, we are expecting some prices to increase as a result. Most of the increases will be very minimal. Thank you for your continued support!

100% Cotton Cleaning Patches and Cloths are used to clean Guns, Rheometers, Melt Flow Index, Plastometers, Optics and Laboratory Instruments. Gun Cleaning Kit and Supplies contain all the products needed to maintain weapons for optimal performance. The Skyline Center aluminum boat is an inexpensive, disposable aluminum foil dish used by schools, laboratories, QA Labs for routine weighing, moisture determination, or as an evaporating dish and have many other uses.

Manufactured and Packaged by Americans With Disabilities--- Made In The USA!

Your name and company identity mean a lot to you. They mean a lot to us too. We can private label for you! Whether you are the "Mom and Pop Shop" on Main Street or a nationwide retailer, we can meet your needs. Contact a sales representative today at sales@skylinecenter.com or call us at 1-800-747-4065.

Please Visit: www.skylinecenter.com to see all that our organization does in our local community!

Chamber Brush - 8-36 Thread - 5.56 NATO, AR-15, M16, M4, .223 Caliber Skyline Gun Cleaning Double Ended Nylon Brush 3 Pack - Item# 00253
Our Price: $3.88
Our Price: $5.44


Chamber Brush - 5.56 NATO, .223 Caliber, AR15, M16, M4 - #8-36 Threads

Gun cleaning Double Ended Nylon Brush

Gun Cleaning Patches 1 1/4" Round - 1000 Count - Item#SPR12 Gun Cleaning Kit Folklore® - HS- Item# 00278
Our Price: $10.64

Our Price: $49.95

Gun Cleaning Kit Folklore® - HS

1 1/4" Round Gun Cleaning Patches AR-15, .22 - .270, .223, Caliber

Skyline's Folklore® - HS - Gun Cleaning Kits contain all the products and tools needed to clean and maintain weapons for optimal performance and reliability.
Not available for USPS Priority Envelope!
M Pro 7® LPX Gun Oil 2 oz - Item# LPX2 1 1/4" Round Cross Weave Patch 250 count
Our Price: $4.78
Our Price: $1.99
M Pro 7® LPX Gun Oil 2 oz Skyline Centers own cross woven patches are designed to get the toughest dirt and grime in hard to reach places.
Perfect for .22-.270/.30-.35 calibers or for other tough jobs. Made in the USA by people with disabilities.

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